Double Oz Seven Episode #96 – Colin Got Paid $10 To Be Here – Octopussy Commentary



Let us talk over another Bond film for you this week as we move into our final Roger Moore commentary by talking over that movie that exists to be seen twice, Octopussy! How long will it take us not to stay on topic this week? Will the debate over Mishka & Grishka help change any minds after last week? Will we be complimentary on the fashion this week or is it still stretching to be good? What scene from this movie did we rank in our hall of fame that really shouldn’t have been? Why does Colin get paid so much money just to be on this episode? Why does Noah wear a hat? Is there anything in this movie that is memorable enough for us to talk about further? And how many fart sounds will we hear through this episode? Get yourself on a high but not something all time for another episode you’ll be mildly entertained in!

Double Oz Seven Episode #95 – And You Also Get A Can Of Slam – Ranking The Secondary Henchmen



Because we love ranking things so much and apparently are running out of things to rank, it’s time to rank all the greatest secondary henchmen that we weren’t able to rank in our original henchmen rankings list to keep you entertained for a few hours! How are we always able to make these episodes so long? Why is this maybe the weirdest and diverse list we have ever done? Why are all our rankings so all off the shop? Will number 12 be extremely controversial again? Which one of the people on our list do we not even remember? How high will Davidov end up? Why is Chang so controversial? Can we think of many other songs to sing for some of these henchmen? Why do we want a can of Slam? And seriously, why do we want a can of Slam? Get yourself clicking, counting, listening and being entertained on another fun episode!

Double Oz Seven Episode #94 – We’re Not Calling This Episode “Anal” – For Your Eyes Only Commentary



It’s another commentary coming your way today as we sit down and talk over the 1981 classic that is For Your Eyes Only. Can we actually say anything bad about this film? Is the opening sequence good or bad? Why does Roger Moore look like he should be hanging out with grandma this movie? Can we appreciate Melina for her character or is Carole Bouquet just not good in the role? Why is the fashion so bad? Why is the skiing so good? How many different Winter Olympic sports can we count in this film? Is Kristatos a better villain than we thought? Is Columbo even better than we thought? Is the closing battle one of the most underrated in all of the Bond franchise? And how will we celebrate the greatest secondary Bond girl of all time, Bibi? Get your crossbow ready and your ATAC tuned in for another fun episode!

Double Oz Seven Episode #93 – Octopussy’s Hole – Ranking The Secondary Villains



You do get yourself excited when we rank things don’t you? Well get yourself excited once more as we return to rank some more villains! No, not the main ones, as that is a list we’ve already done! This time we’re back to rank all the secondary villains that we weren’t able to rank on that episode! Is this the most difficult list we’ve ever had to rank? What number will make someone the most angry once more? What number can everyone agree on for the first time? Are there more arguments to be made that will change some opinions? Which of all those famous train deaths will we remember the most? Does Colin remember ever ranking anything on this show? Does Noah ever show up sober anymore? And what will someone do in this episode that will shock both our listeners to their core? Get listening and get ranking once more and get your ears blown in entertainment in style!

Double Oz Seven Episode #92 – Famous Canadian Actor Jack Smiggins – The November Man



Well after apparently taking our last Bond actor filmography episode a little too far with a total of three episodes on it, we’re back to finally move on to the next James Bond actor and a film from their career that isn’t a James Bond movie. Although, perhaps we didn’t really choose one that was TOO different as we take a closer look at the Pierce Brosnan movie that is The November Man from 2014. Do we appreciate our beloved Pierce in this movie even though he sort of still is being James Bond? Why does it look like Pierce just really wants to fart throughout this film? Who is the other guy in this movie and is he as famous as that famous Canadian actor Jack Smiggins? Who is Jack Smiggins? Why do we love Jack Smiggins? Does Pierce love Jack Smiggins? Is Jack Smiggins on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Could we interview Jack Smiggins? Is Jack Smiggins sexier than Pierce Brosnan? Would Noah like Jack Smiggins? And seriously, how amazing is that incredibly famous actor from Canada Jack Smiggins? Apparently we got side-tracked and didn’t really tell you much about this episode and what we talk about, but believe us when we say you should listen to it because you’ll enjoy it! You know Jack Smiggins would so be like Jack Smiggins!

Double Oz Seven Episode #91 – I Thought They Were Okay With The Boobs Because They Were Gay? – Moonraker Commentary



After a couple of epic interviews we’re back for another commentary as we somehow have to sit through the film that is Moonraker to attempt to talk some sense into what is one odd Bond movie. Why is Colin not being on this episode a first? How is his presence still felt with him not actually being here? Can Noah express his love for this film without being too stupid? Or is he just drunk again? Why do we seemingly point out something in this film that isn’t actually a ‘gay thing’? Are we transfixed by Roger Moore and his bad fashion or can we excuse it? Should this movie be redubbed with 80s music? Why do we seemingly just love all the facial expressions more so than so much more of this movie? And seriously, how can Colin be on this episode when he isn’t on this episode? This episode apparently is as messed up as the movie itself, so get to clicking and get to listening!

Double Oz Seven Episode #90 – From Wimbledon With Love – Vijay Amritraj Interview



A massive episode coming your way today as we bring you an interview with the incredible Vijay Amritraj who we all know and love as playing Vijay in Octopussy! We find out the very unique way Vijay was cast in the Bond universe and why it lead to a very unique filming schedule for him! We also learn about some incredible behind the scenes stories from the set of Octopussy, including just how Roger Moore got him to do some extra stunts, how he nearly died in pretty much every scene he filmed as well as sharing one incredible story from the late great Roger Moore that will leave you smiling for the rest of the day. We even find out direct from Vijay just how good Roger Moore was at tennis, and who he believes is not only the best Bond of all time, but also who he believes the best tennis player is of all time too. It’s an interview that will have you playing the flute and riding a rickshaw for the rest of the day, so don’t miss it!

Double Oz Seven Episode #89 – The Bond Girl Named Fran – Fran Drescher Interview



We are excited to bring you an interview today and an interview that you really wouldn’t expect from a James Bond podcast. Why? Well because we’re interviewing the legendary, the iconic, the amazing Fran Drescher about…well…sort of James Bond as we somehow do ANOTHER episode on the movie that is The Beautician and the Beast! How on earth have we managed to do three episodes on this movie and why is Fran so excited to be part of it? What does Fran think about us pitching her as a Bond girl in the 90s, and how was she actually already technically a Bond girl in the 90s? How did she manage to get to work alongside Timothy Dalton in The Beautician and the Beast? What are her thoughts on the legacy of the film after more than 20 years? Why does she think it still might be possible for her to play a Bond girl in the future? And how are we able to get her to audition for another role in what might be the best audio clip you will ever hear? Get to clicking and get yourself excited for what might be the most random James Bond interview you will ever listen to!

Double Oz Seven Episode #88 – Ready To Blow – (Still) Waiting For No Time To Die



It’s time to take a break from those commentaries and rankings and random interviews as we bring you our 198439th episode on No Time To Die in what will HOPEFULLY be our last episode on the movie before it FINALLY comes out in a few months! Why has it taken Noah so long to join the show to talk about it? Is he actually excited for it or is he sick of waiting? What predictions are we making ahead of the film? Do we actually believe it will be released? Can we believe the title song won a Grammy? Does winning a Grammy actually mean anything? Does Noah know what rap music actually is? Why is Colin Noah’s father? Do we feel as though the runtime will be an issue? And seriously, will this movie actually EVER be released? Get ready to blow one more time as we really do hope that this episode will help bring the movie we have been waiting to see out sooner rather than later! So get to listening!

Double Oz Seven Episode #87 – Moderate O’Toole – Ranking The Secondary Bond Girls



We love bringing you a good rankings episode so why not bring you another one right now as we sit down to rank the secondary Bond girls that we weren’t able to rank when we ranked all the main Bond girls! Why is this episode so long? Why is this episode all kinds of crazy? How on earth do we get so heated over our number 12 picks? What does Shrek have to do with anything this episode? Which secondary Bond girl brings out a pretty full on reaction from one of our hosts? Why is this list the most diverse and interesting one we have ever done? Who nearly has a stroke a few times during some of the rankings? And seriously, how the hell does this episode end up so bloody long? Get yourself ready for a long one as you have some fun in the best possible way you can!