Double Oz Seven Episode #67 – No Time To Listen – No Time To Die Title Song Analysis



As we get closer and closer to the release of No Time To Die we are excited to bring you another episode in the lead up to it by giving you our take on the official title song by the always mumbling Billie Eilish. Just why is this song already so divisive to our hosts? Can we actually understand any of the lyrics as Billie mumbles her way through it? Is it better than what Sam Smith put out for Spectre? Why is Colin so down on more modern songs? Why is Ben so up on so called bad songs? Will the title sequence improve it? Should there have been another singer chosen? Is this ‘keeping up with the times’ once more? And why are we only learning about Ben having his identity stolen now and who the hell wants to still HIS identity?? It’s a debate you want to listen to right now so get to downloading and start your mumbling!

Double Oz Seven – The Best Of Part 4



We brought you our first ‘best of’ episode in 2015, our second one in 2016 and our third one in 2019. Well now it’s 2020 guess what that means? It’s time to bring you our fourth ‘best of’! Yes! We’re back with the best bits from our recaps covering the Pierce Brosnan films, meaning that you’re about to once again hear a whole lot of random stuff that all ends up talking about Die Another Day. Because you know you want to wake up right? Yes and no? Good. Get yourself prepared and get yourself Pierced! Sigmund Freud!

Double Oz Seven – The Best Of Part 3



An episode four years in the making is finally here! Our third ever best of episode is finally available as we play you all the funny bits (and mostly unfunny bits) of our recaps from the 1980s movies! Will we continue to be comedic geniuses? Is Sheena Easton still being a tad too much in life and has she finally had a good hard look at herself? How is Camelia Toe doing? Is quiche really that good in retrospect? Have we forgotten about making t-shirts? And why does a blinking fish end up as being the most divisive topic of conversation in all of the recaps from the 80s? You’ll just have to click and find out and get a horsey for your trouble! Neeiigghhhh!!!!

Double Oz Seven Episode #66 – Knit Your Own Cat – First No Time To Die Trailer Analysis



The wait is finally over! The first trailer to the latest entry in the James Bond franchise No Time To Die has dropped and we’re back for our first episode since September to give our take on it and recap everything that we saw and everything that we loved! Did we love this trailer or was it just so so? How does this trailer really make you appreciate Spectre more? Has Ben and Colin worked out how to say Cary Fukunaga yet? Is Rami Malek Dr No and would we be okay with that? Is Daniel Craig looking old? Will Madeleine Swan die? Will Felix die? How incredible do the stunts look? Do we have any thoughts on who will be singing the title song and why do we hope it could be Ed Sheeran? Do we have a new ‘duh face’ moment that we can look forward to when the movie comes out? Will this really be the last film for Daniel Craig? And how does this rate compared to the first Spectre trailer and our initial reaction of that? You know you’re going to love our reaction and our thoughts so get to listening and get to thinking!

Double Oz Seven Episode #65 – Ben Read a Book? – Nicolás Suszczyk Interview



It’s not often we do interviews but when we do they are awesome! Today we bring you a chat with author of two great James Bond books, The World of GoldenEye and The Bond of the Millennium, Nicolás Suszczyk to chat about writing them as well as just why Pierce Brosnan is so great! How on earth did Ben manage to read not only one but BOTH of these books before the interview? How did Nicolas get his obsession with Pierce Brosnan and his era of Bond? What made him write both books? Did he try and get an interview with Pierce? What are his true thoughts on Die Another Day? Will he give Ben the inspiration to start his own website defending Die Another Day? Why does he believe the Brosnan era helped shape the Craig era? And just how many times has he actually seen GoldenEye? It’s all in one entertaining and fun interview that you won’t want to miss!

Double Oz Seven Episode #64 – What? WHAT!!!! – Experiencing Bond For The First Time



A special episode of your favourite James Bond podcast today as we welcome The Oz Network co-host Anthony Rossi on the show as he gives us his experiences in watching all 24 James Bond movies for the very first time! Just what brought him to finally sitting down and watching all of them? Did he go in with any expectations? What movies did he enjoy the most and what movies did he enjoy the least? Why will a lot of Bond fans be shocked at the rankings? Will Ben and Colin be able to survive through the opinions? Is Die Another Day open for another ribbing? Does Rossi want to continue watching Bond movies now moving into the future? Why is Never Say Never Again on this list? Why does Rossi like Octopussy so much? And why, oh why is Moonraker ranked where it is? It’s one of the most unique episodes you’ll hear with some unique reactions, so get into it!

Double Oz Seven Episode #63 – The Romania Of James Bond – Ranking The Pre-Title Sequences



As we once again bring you a monthly episode of your favourite James Bond podcast, it’s time to get back into the episodes that make you hate Ben and love everyone else is we sit down to rank all the pre-title sequences in the history of the James Bond franchise! Why is Noah missing this time? Can Ben actually survive a rankings episode without being hated? What is the deal with Romania? Why is Colin dropping quotes that Ben wants to replay again? Did those henchmen really die underneath the canoe? Is recency bias a thing on this list? Did Ben actually go to school and study maths? Why does Colin hate Timothy Dalton so much? And how does Noah screw up this episode when he isn’t even on the line? It’s an episode that will have you wishing you were in Romania with Rene Russo as we bring you another great episode that you will want to listen to with your favourite picture of Pierce Brosnan!