Double Oz Seven Episode #128 – Hoot Gibson as Buck Boner the Morning Glory Kid – Casino Royale 1954 Commentary



We always love to promise the world and deliver and atlas, but today we FINALLY are getting to some commentaries that we have been wanting to deliver for about 34908 years as we bring you our unique talk over the 1954 version of Casino Royale that we know you have been waiting for! Why are we all excited to do this episode? Why have none of the boys watched this since we covered it? Will ads be a problem? Who is PizzaFlix? Who is Hoot Gibson? Is Hoot Gibson our new favourite person? Do we want to be Hoot Gibson? Is Hoot Gibson connected to any Bond actor? Would Hoot Gibson make a good Bond? Is Noah Hoot Gibson? Could Noah play Hoot Gibson? Do we give a Giggle and Hoot about Hoot Gibson? And would we want to Hoot Gibson? So many questions. So little time to answer them. So you better give a Hoot Gibson by listening!

Double Oz Seven Episode #127 – Tickle the Doodat – Ranking The Rejected Songs



Another episode that you weren’t expecting is here as we bring you another rankings and another episode without Colin (sort of) as we get into ranking all those rejected theme songs that we’re sure you know so well! Is this the absolute craziest list we have ever done? How can we even rank these songs? How is Colin not on this episode but then randomly on the episode? Are we all searching for the Goldeneye? Are we all into the Hooley Dooleys? What is a reverse kanga and why is it relevant? Are we sad to hear of the passing of Scatman John? Why is Colin the Ben of this episode? Are we still all searching for the Goldeneye? Why does Ben have a surprise that apparently doesn’t work? Why are we trying to make Julie a thing? And seriously, are we searching for the Goldeneye? Listen in to a weird episode but one that we’re sure you’ll still love!

Double Oz Seven Episode #126 – A Grouping Of Visually Impaired Rodents – Ranking The Other Songs



It’s 2023 which means another awesome year of your 35th favourite James Bond podcast as we come together (sort of) to rank all the other songs of the Bond franchise that we love, hate and everything else in between! Why isn’t Colin on here yet he can still rank? Why is Lani Hall reaching around so much? Do we like Colin’s random rankings that we haven’t talked about before? What epic Bond fact do we find out that will blow your mind? How much Madonna can be talked about? Why do we want Timothy Dalton singing these songs? Which versions of these songs would need to be changed in 2023? Why are we sad that Belinda Carlisle isn’t on this list? Which songs can Ben not listen to when doing certain activities? And why is Noah singing karaoke again? It’s another interesting and fun one you won’t want to miss!

Double Oz Seven – The Best Of Part 10



How on earth do we have enough bits that we deem ‘good’ to create yet another ‘best of’ episode? And somehow our TENTH one?! Well,  you’re about to find out with another clip show, as we bring you the best bits of our commentaries from the 1960s era of James Bond! You’ll hear some classic moments as we talk over six different James Bond films and stay on topic for at least 35% of the time! So get your memory brain into gear as you enjoy some epic and funny moments from our 1960s movie commentaries!

Double Oz Seven Episode #125 – Christmas Finally Came – The Double Oz Seven Christmas (Jones) Spectacular



It’s an episode completely unplanned that only two of the hosts showed up for it but we are here to bring you an amazing SPECIAL EPISODE to celebrate the Christmas (Jones) period with the first ever DOUBLE OZ SEVEN CHRISTMAS (JONES) SPECTACULAR! Join Ben & Noah as they talk about a variety of James Bond related topics completely sober, as well as do some very unique and special James Bond quizzes completely sober as well in an episode you wish we would’ve done every year! So as you recover from all the food comas of the holiday period, get your ears excited for an episode that you didn’t know you needed! You will definitely be extra jolly with excitement!

Double Oz Seven – The Best Of Part 9



We’ve been very lucky to have some great interviews here on Double Oz Seven and in yet another clip show it’s time to go over those in another ‘best of’ episode celebrating each of our epic guests! You’re going to hear from actors who have appeared in Bond films, authors who have written books about James Bond, people who have never even seen a Bond film until before their interview and even an icon of television who somehow we shoehorned into an episode on a James Bond podcast. Who are these people? Well you’ll have to listen to find out! So listen, enjoy and be entertained!

Double Oz Seven Episode #124 – Two & Half Ben – Ranking The Bond Cars



Let’s get into another rankings episode as we FINALLY do the episode Ben has been begging to for ages and RANK THE BOND CARS! YAY! It’s time to rank all those iconic Bond vehicles that we clearly know and love so much and do them in our usual Double Oz Seven way that we know you’ll be listening to every second of with anticipation! What is a Toyota? What is a BMW? What is this doing here? Is that the dad car? Men men men men men men menly men men. What is the deal with Luke & Jake but let’s not crap on the other podcasts because they’re probably good. I don’t know what to do? Listen to the episode. This makes sense right? Just like this episode…

Double Oz Seven Episode #123 – Doing It With Denzel – Entrapment



It’s been about 5034 episodes in a row where we have promised the next episode would be our recap on Entrapment but FINALLY we are here to kick off our next round of the main Bond actors in other movies as we review Sean Connery flirting a lot with Catherine Zeta-Jones in the 1999 blockbuster! Does this movie hold up or is it a bit dated? Is it fairly criticised as being ‘creepy’ with the older man/younger woman cliché of the late 90s or is it really not much of a bad thing? Why is Connery the most Scottish he has ever sounded in this film? Why isn’t Colin that into Catherine Zeta-Jones? Does this movie peak too early? Why does half of this movie not make sense? Why was Connery kicking Pierce Brosnan out of Scotland for this movie? Is this movie actually called Blackmail? Can we appreciate leather outfits more in this movie? How often is Catherine Zeta-Jones naked in this movie? What type of haircuts do we all want watching this film? And why is Malaysia a great location? There’s lots to get through and lots to talk about so that means there’s lots to listen to and you can do that right now!

Double Oz Seven Episode #122 – Pierceapedia – James Bond At 60



A very special episode coming your way today on a very special day as not only do we celebrate JAMES BOND DAY, but we also celebrate the 60th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise! And to celebrate, the gang is back together to bring you a special 60th anniversary episode as we go over our favourite moments from each of the 25 official films in true Double Oz Seven fashion! Why have we made this episode so long? Which movies do we struggle to keep at just one moment? Which movies do we struggle to even find one moment? Are there some trivia facts that we find out that really are silly? Why did so many people seemingly not want to be involved in the 1960s? Who is Jim? Where does Colin go for some of this episode? What is the Pierceapedia and the Pierceapede? Why is Roger Moore such a prankster? What is wrong with Reddit at the moment? Will the boys all come together to play Monopoly one day? What is the deepest question ever asked on this podcast doing in this episode? And why is the singing in this episode even a thing? It’s an amazing episode to help you celebrate an amazing franchise, so get to it and get to listening!

Double Oz Seven Episode #121 – Buttocks Like A Boy – Ben Reads The Fleming Novels (Part 2)



We celebrated when Ben read the first 3 Fleming novels and now he’s gone and read the next 3! Yay! So what does that mean? Well we’re back of course to go over his thoughts on Diamonds Are Forever, From Russia With Love & Dr. No as well as get updated opinions from both Noah & Colin in another episode that we know you’ll be loving every second of! Do we feel these three novels hold up better than the first three or are they different? Does Colin like Diamonds Are Forever better as a movie or a book, especially with his beloved Tiffany Case? Why are opinions divided on whether the movies are closely related to some aspects of these books? Was JFK right about From Russia With Love being so good? Why is the human centipede a thing again? Would we want to play Ben’s Bond Monopoly he made? Why are we sad for not getting a giant squid in the Dr. No movie? Which book is Bond a raging alcoholic in? And are these the last three decent Bond books we will read for a while? There’s a lot to get through and a lot for you to enjoy in another amazing episode you won’t want to miss!