Double Oz Seven Episode #60 – There Is Literally Nothing To Talk About – Bond 25 Cast Announcement Reaction



It’s been a while since our last episode but that doesn’t matter right now as WE’RE BACK to give you all our reaction to the big Bond 25 news announced this week in what will surely be the latest of about 2983 episodes on the next instalment in the Bond franchise! Was this episode even worth doing? Are we excited to have Rami Malek finally confirmed as a villain? Do we even know who any of the other cast are? Is having Felix back the most exciting news out of all of the news? Is this movie just going to be a remake of Dr No? Is Jamaica being back exciting and why is it a honeymoon location for one of our hosts? And where the bloody hell is Noah? You’ll want to listen away and get excited once again as we burst right through your speakers and get you back into a frenzy over James Bond!


Double Oz Seven Episode #59 – Muffy? – Goldeneye Commentary



Well it’s time to finally come back to your speakers for another commentary and although you thought it would be one movie we’re actually bringing you another as Ben & Colin get back together in person once again and commentate another Pierce Brosnan film with the classic Goldeneye. Just why is Noah to blame for this not being what we promised at the end of the last episode? Will Casper be crying at the sound of another song playing? Is Judi Dench more attractive than we ever thought she was? Is Pierce Brosnan just too damn attractive for both the boys to handle? What about Famke Janssen? How many times will Ben mention the video game throughout the episode? And just why is it better to do an episode in person than over Skype? Get clicking away, reveal your tattoos and hope that Minnie Driver replies to us again as you once again get excited to listen to an episode over a movie.

Double Oz Seven Episode #58 – Bond Catches An Uber – Live & Let Die Commentary



It’s time to get excited Bond fans as we are back with another episode and we are back with another commentary! How illuminating! And it’s time to make sure you have your genuine Felix lighter to listen to our commentary of everyone’s favourite James Bond film about voodoo Live & Let Die! Why does Ben struggle to talk through this movie? Why does Colin say lines that Ben doesn’t remember? Are we excited to talk about the Louisiana police force? Can we talk up the song anymore? Why should the MGM lion be replaced with a horse? Would Bond be a fan of catching an Uber? Why does he wear so many different dressing gowns in this film? And can we use the word ‘honky’ and get away with it? It’s another fun time that you’ve been waiting for and one that you’ll remember for as long as you remember this film.

Double Oz Seven Episode #57 – Oh Dr No You Didn’t – Ranking The Villains



Well it’s been nearly 4 months since we last brought you an episode and nearly 2 years since we brought you an episode with all 3 of the original hosts but today is that day where both those droughts ends as Ben, Colin & Noah all join forces to gang up on Ben and his opinions by sitting down (and sometimes leaving and standing up) and ranking the main villains from all 24 official James Bond films! With the song ranking episode still fresh in their memories, can Colin & Noah actually agree with Ben’s opinions for once? Will Ben actually have a decent opinion? Who is the first to make a controversial opinion? What is the deal with Peppa Pig? Why does Colin think Ben is right? Why does Noah hang up like a baby? Why does Ben storm off like a baby? Why does Colin not care for his baby? And what about Kevin Spacey? It’s all here and more in a long overdue podcast that you know you’ve been waiting for!

Double Oz Seven Episode #56 – Noah Would Rather Be With His Dad Than Here – Discussing Bond 25



It’s been over a month since you last heard our voices and while we thought we could bring you an extra voice this time around you’ll have to just make do with Colin & Ben again as they sit down to discuss the recent news of Daniel Craig signing on to do one more Bond film and everything else related to Bond 25. How did the boys both react to the news of Craig coming back and why is Stephen Colbert so awesome? Should we get a Christopher Nolan directed movie or that guy who actually looks like a Bond villain and has a name for it too? Will we get a love story that results in death and a proper conclusion for Craig in the Bond franchise? Why does Noah want to spend time with his dad more than doing an episode with us? And why does Colin not want to have another baby anytime soon? It’s that point where we tell you to listen in and get excited as your favourite James Bond podcast that isn’t any of the 2983 that are better than us is back and ready to bring you some month old news and even older jokes! YAY!

Double Oz Seven Episode #55 – Sticky McJohnJohn – Skyfall Commentary



It’s time for one of those dangerous podcast episodes where we just might end up killing one of the actors who played James Bond. So we’re going to be more careful this time around aren’t we? Well maybe not. In the meantime though it’s time to watch one of the best Bond films of all time in Skyfall and have you join us as we watch it! This means plenty of time to talk up how great Daniel Craig is. Also working out whether or not we can work out if Moneypenny is really the same person in the beginning and the end. There is also talking about Pierce Brosnan writing a book, remembering favourite characters from the past and Colin quoting things that he might regret. So what are you waiting for? Get listening before another actor dies!

Double Oz Seven Episode #54 – An Illuminating Tribute to Moore, Roger Moore



Only the passing of the great Sir Roger Moore could bring all of our hosts together again. How are we reacting to the first ever death of a James Bond, and what’s the story behind Ben predicting it 48 hours earlier in our last episode? After spending 2 years as an advocate for Roger Moore, Noah returns to talk about why Roger Moore has always been the #1 Bond for him, while Ben catches us up on how his opinion has improved on Roger Moore since beginning this show. We reminisce about our earliest memories of Roger Moore’s Bond, as well as all of Sir Roger’s greatest, most iconic, and of course most hilarious moments from his 12 year and 7 film run as the longest running James Bond of all time. Not to mention how much Roger Moore meant to this series since leaving. It’s our special tribute episode, now with MORE ROGER MOORE!