Double Oz Seven Episode #114 – Divorce, Reading & Debra Messing & Poached Eggs & Jazz On Broadway Featuring Kiefer Sutherland (Donald Sutherland’s Son) Who Is Canadian On Broadway For $12 Featuring A Half An Hour Break AAAHHHHH AAAAAHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHH AAHHHHHHH – Ranking The Title Sequences



It’s been a little bit since our last rankings episode so we’re finally back together with the OG crew to bring you our rankings of all the James Bond title sequences that you know and (mostly) love! What will be the controversial takes this time around? What will Ben do this time to annoy Colin & Noah? What does Debra Messing have to do with this episode? How are we meant to agree on the use of cameras? Why do we need to have a moment of silence for Colin and why does he finally break out a swear word? Why does Colin run away? What is the thing about doing things to horses? Why do A-Ha need to be so prominent? Are we excited the Noah had a date but can’t remember her name? What will Colin have for breakfast this week? Who wins the episode with the greatest joke of all time? And why is there no sex for Ben? It’s another episode that you will be talking about for days to come so tune in and get yourself ready!

Double Oz Seven Episode #113 – Having a Civilized Conversation Without Colin – Discussing The Next James Bond



Now that Daniel Craig has stepped down as Bond and hung up the tux, it’s time to come together for a long discussed episode as we go over the potential candidates to replace Craig as Bond to see just how wrong or right we will be before the 7th actor is announced to play the iconic role! Which actors will we put up as not only potential candidates but candidates we want to see play Bond? Which actors who are rumoured can we firmly say won’t be Bond? Is this one of the most exciting times to be a Bond fan as we wait in this purgatory? How will our discussion go when it comes to the big topic of the race of the next Bond? Why do we find that Judi Dench is the best comfort food around? Can we accurately predict when the next Bond film will come out? And where the hell is Colin and why is this episode somehow better without him? Get your guessing hats on and question it and debate it as we bring you another epic episode you won’t want to miss!

Double Oz Seven Episode #112 – Lets Talk About Billy Magnussen’s Smile Again – The 2006-2021s



With another era of James Bond now officially over, we’re back to do a ‘redux’ of our Daniel Craig era recap we did 6 years ago to include everything No Time To Die related and close off Danie Craig as Bond in style. Can we all agree for once on the overall feel and arc of the Daniel Craig era? Do we just want to take this time to talk more about Billy Magnussen? Are we still so into Hannah Stokely that we just have to talk her up even more? Is there anything on Quantum of Solace that we even want to talk about? Why on earth is Mister Ed relevant to this episode? Will we miss Daniel Craig? And just what do we want to happen moving into the next era of James Bond? Get your wrists ready to be slashed one more time as we close out the Daniel Craig era in style!

Double Oz Seven Episode #111 – I Must’ve Scared The Living Robots Out Of Her – Mark Edlitz Interview



We’re back for another episode and another great interview for you today as we sit down with Mark Edlitz, the author of the recently released The Lost Adventures of James Bond as well as the great book The Many Lives of James Bond, to learn more about his books, his passion for James Bond and everything else in between! We find out from Mark just what drew him into writing his books and just how the process came about, particularly when it came to finding out so many great lost Bond stories about potential Bond stories. We also learn about some of the more crazy elements of some of the stories he uncovered, including what could’ve been Timothy Dalton battling robots as well as some Bond stories that involved him battling a yeti, aliens and even dinosaurs. Added to this we find out what brought him to diving into the world of James Bond Jr and also his experiences in meeting 4 out of the 6 James Bond movie actors. It’s a chat that no Bond fan can miss so get to listening and get excited!

Double Oz Seven Episode #110 – I Ate My Dou Dou – No Time To Die



You’ve sat through 10 episodes of us talking about it before and after it was released. You waited about 1032 years for the film to be released. You’ve waited nearly 6 years for us to do another full James Bond film recap. Well the day has finally arrived for all of that to come to a point and for us to FINALLY bring you a full recap of 2019/20/21’s best James Bond film that you already love and will love more after today and that is in no way controversial at all, No Time To Die! Have we managed to change our opinions on this film with subsequent watches or are we all feeling the same? Why does Colin want to nod a lot in this episode? Why is Ben so certain about all his facts? Does daddy Bond improve or is it something we still can’t agree on? Does the song still make us mad and tired? How many plot holes can we point out? How long can we manage to talk about Paloma for and how much can we praise her? Is Billy Magnussen just so amazing we might like him as much as Paloma? Who is eating their own poo? And can we actually get a close number on our kill count for once? Strap yourself in for a marathon of an episode as we bring you the episode you have been waiting for!

Double Oz Seven – The Best Of Part 6



It’s time for another clip show (and we know you love a clip show) as we bring you our sixth ‘best of’ to bring back some highlights (and maybe lowlights) of some classic episodes that you probably have forgotten about! This time around we’re bringing you the best bits of our No Time To Die coverage, right from our very first episode discussing the film, through to our spoiler review after having seen the movie! There is a lot to get through with this and we know you are dying to listen to it, so click and listen away to have yourself a good time!

Double Oz Seven – The Best Of Part 5



Who doesn’t love a good clip show? We know you do! Or is that do do? We’re back for our fifth ‘best of’ episode as we bring you the best bits from our recaps covering all the non-official films, meaning that you’re going to hear all those funny moments from our Casino Royale 54, Casino Royale 67 and Never Say Never Again recaps! So get yourself excited and your expectations lowered as you put your disappointment aside that we aren’t bringing you new content and listen to another episode that you’ve sort of already heard before! Hooray!

Double Oz Seven Episode #109 – I Got A Strutter – Ranking The Secondary Allies



Well we know you love a good rankings episode so we’re back to bring you another one as we go over our final ‘secondary’ list by ranking all the secondary allies in an episode that we know will absolutely not be controversial and crazy at all! Is this the craziest list we have ever done? What is the deal with mentioning small pinners? Is this going to be the first list where we have a number 20 at the same place as somebody has a number 1? Should half the people even be on this list at all? Which characters did we miss out on putting on this list? Why do we talk about Skippy The Bush Kangaroo? Why do we care about Noah’s chair? What do we think about having a Jim Fanning Friday? Will this episode make people want to email us? And why do we seemingly care so much about the TV show Cheers all of a sudden? It’s an episode that certainly will have you talking so be sure to listen and not miss out on it!

Double Oz Seven Episode #108 – Flirtin’ With Burton – Ranking The Felix Leiters



It’s been a long time coming but finally it’s the time for us to sit down and rank all seven of the actors who have played the iconic Felix Leiter in our latest rankings episode! Is this episode going to be pretty straightforward or will there be some controversial opinions? Will we all share Noah’s hatred of Cec Linder or is he alone? Why do we seemingly want to do this episode like Timothy Dalton? Are we sad we’re not ranking Bernie Casey? How much does fruit play in this episode? How much have our rankings changed because of No Time To Die? And which host actually manages to get a 100% perfect list for the first time in the history of Double Oz Seven? You’ll want to listen to this one straight away so get to downloading and get yourself excited!

Double Oz Seven Episode #107 – Give Me That Billy Magnussen Smile At The Snugacropolis – No Time To Die Rankings Redux



Now that we’ve all seen No Time To Die it’s time to bring the squad back together to update all our previous rankings lists to include all the new additions in the Bond franchise that were introduced to us in Bond 25, as well as updating the other lists with the characters who have extra bits to be ranked on! How will this episode go down? Will it be as heated as usual or will this be calm for once? Are we afraid a lot of these rankings will be seen as ‘recency bias’ or will they hold up? Can we just stop glowing about how amazing Paloma is? Can we agree where on earth to put Nomi? Will any of the returning characters change much on these lists? Why do we keep talking about Billy Magnussen? And is this ranking episode making us like No Time To Die even more? Get your ears into shape and be prepared to listen once more for another epic episode!