Double Oz Seven Episode #48 – What’s Under Your Sproggin? – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Commentary



Considering it took so long to get our last episode out you’re excited to see that we’ve already put out another one so soon! This time around you can enjoy your commentary series with our audio commentary on the classic On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with the legend that is George Lazenby. Why does Bond wear so many weird pieces of clothing in this film? Can Colin get excited this episode given he loves this film? Why are Cookie Monster and Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about so much? What exactly is a sproggin? And can the boys ever get back on topic during this commentary? As always click below to find out more and enjoy like your Lazenby depends on it!

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All music and quotes in the episode are copyright and are used solely for the purpose of a fan podcast with no financial gain or incentive


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