Double Oz Seven Episode #50 – 50th Episode Spectacular featuring Robert Davi



It’s time to celebrate a special occasion today on Double Oz Seven as we bring you our 50th episode with the biggest person ever to appear on this show in the legendary Robert Davi! Yes that’s right, we welcome our very first guest to the show in style as we chat to the man who played the sinister Franz Sanchez in the 1989 Bond classic Licence To Kill as we talks over his time on the film, some amazing stories when it came to meeting Pablo Escobar and even stumping both Colin & Ben on their James Bond knowledge. We also celebrate everything else on our milestone episode, including the long awaited return of Noah (yes he is still alive) and bringing you some of our most famous (and infamous) moments from our history! So get excited fans, because this definitely one episode you don’t want to miss!

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All music and quotes in the episode are copyright and are used solely for the purpose of a fan podcast with no financial gain or incentive


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