Double Oz Seven Episode #55 – Sticky McJohnJohn – Skyfall Commentary



It’s time for one of those dangerous podcast episodes where we just might end up killing one of the actors who played James Bond. So we’re going to be more careful this time around aren’t we? Well maybe not. In the meantime though it’s time to watch one of the best Bond films of all time in Skyfall and have you join us as we watch it! This means plenty of time to talk up how great Daniel Craig is. Also working out whether or not we can work out if Moneypenny is really the same person in the beginning and the end. There is also talking about Pierce Brosnan writing a book, remembering favourite characters from the past and Colin quoting things that he might regret. So what are you waiting for? Get listening before another actor dies!

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All music and quotes in the episode are copyright and are used solely for the purpose of a fan podcast with no financial gain or incentive


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