Double Oz Seven Episode #57 – Oh Dr No You Didn’t – Ranking The Villains



Well it’s been nearly 4 months since we last brought you an episode and nearly 2 years since we brought you an episode with all 3 of the original hosts but today is that day where both those droughts ends as Ben, Colin & Noah all join forces to gang up on Ben and his opinions by sitting down (and sometimes leaving and standing up) and ranking the main villains from all 24 official James Bond films! With the song ranking episode still fresh in their memories, can Colin & Noah actually agree with Ben’s opinions for once? Will Ben actually have a decent opinion? Who is the first to make a controversial opinion? What is the deal with Peppa Pig? Why does Colin think Ben is right? Why does Noah hang up like a baby? Why does Ben storm off like a baby? Why does Colin not care for his baby? And what about Kevin Spacey? It’s all here and more in a long overdue podcast that you know you’ve been waiting for!

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All music and quotes in the episode are copyright and are used solely for the purpose of a fan podcast with no financial gain or incentive


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