Double Oz Seven Episode #58 – Bond Catches An Uber – Live & Let Die Commentary



It’s time to get excited Bond fans as we are back with another episode and we are back with another commentary! How illuminating! And it’s time to make sure you have your genuine Felix lighter to listen to our commentary of everyone’s favourite James Bond film about voodoo Live & Let Die! Why does Ben struggle to talk through this movie? Why does Colin say lines that Ben doesn’t remember? Are we excited to talk about the Louisiana police force? Can we talk up the song anymore? Why should the MGM lion be replaced with a horse? Would Bond be a fan of catching an Uber? Why does he wear so many different dressing gowns in this film? And can we use the word ‘honky’ and get away with it? It’s another fun time that you’ve been waiting for and one that you’ll remember for as long as you remember this film.

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All music and quotes in the episode are copyright and are used solely for the purpose of a fan podcast with no financial gain or incentive


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